Trade Cryptocurrency for Passive Profits.

2 min readJul 25, 2019

Trading cryptos is the simplest way of trading online. Sometimes I wonder why people get confused with trading bitcoin or ether online. I noticed this recently when I had the opportunity to hold an account on Skrill. If you have no idea about Skrill go to and read more about their services.

Briefly, Skrill is an e-wallet where one can make simple, secure and quick online global payments — from international money transfers to betting, trading, shopping, and gaming. They are very good at what they do.
Skrill offers a direct means of buying and trading cryptos. I took initiative and invested $300 in bitcoin. Surprisingly bitcoin price was going higher after it had fallen from $15000. I bought bitcoin at the price of $9400, and I sold half at $9900 because I read the bitcoin price prediction online on my website: and the prediction explain the price may go down. As of now, the price of bitcoin (BTC) is at $10000, can you imagine that?

Basically, I believe by now you have had the idea of trading cryptos online. You just have to buy at a lower price and hold cryptocurrency for some time, the price may go high then you sell for your profit. Just holding bitcoin for 2 hours, I was able to earn $50. Now I still have cryptos on hold and I can’t imagine my next profit because this time I’m going for the long term investment. Also, know that trading cryptos can be very risky. You never know if the price will drop or go high, so always it’s better to know more about the cryptocurrency before investing. The best currency I tell anyone to invest in is bitcoin.

The Government authorities are trying to bring this kind of system down because of the speculations about cryptocurrency. Most countries don’t allow cryptocurrency deals, so if your government doesn’t permit you to be in the blockchain network, please don’t try to invest in cryptos.

This post is for educational purposes only.

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