The industrialized nations of the West want to eliminate hunger and poverty in the least developed countries of Africa.

These good intentions have been damaging the continent for the past 40 years.

I want to paint you a very different picture of Africa in the future. …

This post is about the best change and how they conduct their business in the cryptocurrency world. Coinbase is shit regarding their regulations, and this is how I learned the hard way not to use Coinbase.

Long story short, an automation error resulted in thousands of dollars missing from my account. It took me months of badgering to finally reach a human and fix the problem. They have almost no customer support, so if anything fucks up — like anything at all, you are in for a long and painful road to get any kind of response.

Just switched to Kraken and (so far) it seems infinitely better. At the very least, they have human customer support you can talk to.

Any advice from the vets on preferred exchanges?

As an Iranian, Crypto has changed the life of Iranians for good. Especially during COVID-19


Seeing the post about Iran officially considering farming Bitcoin, I felt motivated to make this post as an Iranian. Cryptocurrency has changed the dynamics in Iran. The Iranian government’s view on it has been quite…



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